Island Bread Bakery



Type: Business

Features: Delivery Truck, Industrial Baking Equipment, complete distribution clientele, experienced staff, raw materials, ingredients storage, suppliers contacts, and a corporation/bank accounts.

Status: Available




Island Bread Bakery is one of the major & biggest bread distribution companies in Roatan. If you searching for the perfect business to invest, and make instant revenue, definitely dont miss this unique opportunity.

Island Bread is well known for their quality products, making more than 10 types of breads including Hamburger bun, Hot Dog Bun, White bread, French bread, Rolls, Subway Bread, Cupcakes, Semitas, Margarita Cookies, etc. With a capacity of expansion for pastry and confectionery, selling & providing products to different resorts, hotels, supermarkets, mini markets, restaurants of the Center and West Side of the Island.

The business includes a fully industrial equipment with a capacity of production expansion up to a 60%, a complete distribution clientele, a 2015 distribution truck, the experienced staff, the raw materials and ingredients storage, all the suppliers contacts, and a corporation/bank accounts.

This is a great opportunity for a motivated buyer, the revenue streams offer significant growth potential and great numbers! No baking experience is necessary to dive into this adventure!

Price: $89,000 Negotiable
Type: Business

For more Info:
+504 9982-9705
[email protected]
[email protected]


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